Anyone can make money with Website. Want to know how?

Anyone can make money with Website. Want to know how?

If you have website and unable to make money through it, just follow the below mentioned steps and set it up with your website.

If not, click how to make website (easy steps with wordpress).


Step 1

  1. Make an eye catching Headline of Article or make a post which attracts audience.
  2. Website contents should searchable on google search engine, bing, yahoo, and another search engine.

Example of headline

            “2000 Satoshi / 60 minutes”

            “How to earn free 0.001 BTC in a day”

            “Future of Bitcoin Vs Ripple”

            “Highest Paying BTC Faucet ”

I am a cryptocurrencies lover, so made five BTC faucets to give free Bticoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Etherum to cytocurrencies lover too.

Setting up a website would cost nearly around $ 25 with hosting yearly

Your cost to setup a website = $ 25


Step 2

After having a website and contents/articles on it. Now you have to setup CPM (cost per impression) not CPC (cost per click) ad on your website. CPC pays more but remember you will be paid only when any one click on ad. CPM would be paid by views.

Pay per impression. These ads sit on your site and earn you money every time they’re displayed to a real, non-repeat user. The more traffic you have, the more you can make. Because a view is so much easier than any of the above to get, these ads tend to pay a meager fee for view counts in the thousands.


 Let assume that

“A website serving an average of 3 pages per visit, each with 6 ad units and an impression CPM of $1 would therefore earn $18 per 1000 visits.

1000 impression =1 $ for 1 CPM Ad on first (1 ) Page

1000 impression =1 $ for 1 CPM Ad on second (2 ) Page

1000 impression =1 $ for 1 CPM Ad on third  (3 ) Page

Total 3$ for 1 CPM AD

6 CPM Ad = 6×3$ = 18 $

It means 3000 impression for 6 Ads = 18 $

If you get 1000 impression in day, you total income would be

1000 impression/per day = $1 , Per Ad

30 days = 1000 impression x 30 = 30,000 = 30 $ Per Ad

$ 30 x 6 Ads = $ 180/per month


Step 3

Place you CPM ad on your website. A complete list of CPM ad companies are here. Create account with these publishers:

PropellerAds – Create Account







Step 4

Advertise your website free – Click here to know more

There are a few another different ways you can get paid by your website:

  • Affiliate sales.These involve you running ads that refer users to a store, where they can buy items. You get paid if they buy.
  • Lead generation.This is very similar to affiliate sales, except you refer people to communication with sales staff. The sales staff pay you for qualified leads – that is, people likely to buy, rather than people they can’t contact or fake information.
  • Pay per click.These ads sit there on your site and do nothing until they’re clicked. You get paid a small fee each time the ad is clicked by a real user. Again, it only works if the user is real, bots and repeated spam clicks from the same person don’t count.



Promote your websites as much as you can to get impression. You can use geo targeting traffic exchangers too.


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